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Rodent's Vengeance: The Enhancements

Rodent's Revenge game level 5 is probably the most enjoyable playing level, but because of its difficulty, it is a bit too hard for a player to win. An experienced player may beat this level one time in five, with a bit of luck. Rodent's Vengeance (abbreviated RV) addresses the level 5 excessive difficulty problem:

  • RV distributes the game pieces randomly but more evenly
  • RV uses less wall pieces, avoiding needless clumping and constraint
  • RV allows the user to adjust or eliminate deadly yarn ball activity

In Rodent's Revenge when a player advances to some levels, such as game level 6, the rodent is automatically placed at the center of the board, which leaves the rodent completely surrounded by wall pieces. For those who prefer to use horizontal and vertical moves exclusively to direct the rodent, this results in the loss of one rodent life, which is a bit irritating!

  • RV handles level entry correctly, and avoids placing the rodent in initial board positions where the rodent has no chance to survive

For Rodent's Revenge the cats have a very limited intelligence. They appear to know where the rodent is located, and attempt to move directly toward it, but they become easily blocked by narrow sets of bush and wall pieces. They don't know how to move around blocking structures.

  • RV allows the player to select the cat intelligence level, so that a cat can look for a path to the rodent in a greater search area

When playing the Rodent's Revenge game, there is no way to save or restore a game.

  • RV allows games to be saved and later restored. This means that a player can continue play at a later time, or even explore alternate strategies for a game position

The Rodent's Revenge game board size is constant, a 23 piece by 23 piece square, which cannot be changed.

  • RV allows player selection of alternate board sizes, introducing a new and novel challenge

Rodent's Revenge is limited to only one game board color set.

  • RV gives the player a selection of color schemes, such as traditional, tangerine, cream, and mint

Finally, Rodent's Revenge is a Microsoft Windows Game.

  • RV is written in Java, and can be played under any operating system for which a Java Runtime Environment is available (a free download). This means that Rodent's Vengeance can be played under Linux, Unix, WindowsXP, Vista, and on the Mac (Apple Macintosh)

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