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Rodent's Vengeance: The Downloads

Rodent's Vengeance is written in the Java programming language, and the download file for the game is rodentSecure.jar. If the file is downloaded as a .zip file by your browser, rename the file to rodentSecure.jar. You may place the jar file in a directory of your choice. If you need more information on running a Java jar file on your system go to Sun's Java website. (Just do a web search for "Java")

The Rodent's Vengeance game downloads below are free. The free download versions of the game were designed for those who enjoy playing using horizontal and vertical moves, i.e. moving the rodent Up, Down, Left, and Right. I am currently looking in to the possibility of making a version of the game that supports diagonal moves available for download.

The free Rodent's Vengeance downloads are provided as is with no warranty. I do fix all issues that are communicated to me though, so send me an email if you find a problem or if you have a cool suggestion. Enjoy!

Current download Revision: Beta Release 1.87 (11-12-10) A problem with clearing of yarn balls when changing game level has been corrected. New release versions are announced on Twitter.