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** Wassup with the Rodent Game **

* Happy Birthday Rodent's Vengeance!

Rodent's Vengeance has now been available online for five years. Feel free to party and exchange gifts!

* Thank You to Site and Game Contributors

I would like to say thank you to website visitors that have made contributions to the Rodent's Vengeance game and website.

There is one game contributor who stands head and shoulders above the rest. Francis Partch, with his exceptional knowledge of the Rodent's Revenge game, has consistently made suggestions for improving the Rodent's Vengeance and bringing it closer to its predecessor. Some of his notable suggestions, implemented so far, include:

  • diagonal moves, now available for the online version of the game
  • multiple keyboard interfaces
  • scoring more inline with the original game

* Rodent's Vengeance for Android

Rodent's Vengeance for Android is now available in two flavors. In addition to the standard version of the game, Rodent's Vengeance the Sampler has been added as a free alternative, for the thrifty and those who would just like to try the game out.

By request diagonal, horizontal and vertical moves are supported. In order to avoid using buttons on the touch screen for rodent control, a bit awkward during rapid play, the player can simply use a touch screen swipe gesture in the desired direction to initiate rodent movement. Longer swipes initiate multiple rodent moves. A compass pointer at the top of the screen confirms to the user the direction of the touch swipe, as well as the number of moves commanded.


  • implements diagonal, horizontal and vertical rodent moves
  • game board size 23 x 23 game piece widths
  • 50 levels of game play
  • rodent controlled by simple touch screen swipe gestures
  • rodent may also be controlled by physical keyboard, using three interfaces
  • current game is saved when interrupted, or when you exit
  • yarn activity can be turned off
  • cat smarts can be selected, for more challenging play
I have been playing the game at my own favorite play level, level 5, using the touch screen interface. My typical strategy is to create large pens, draw the cats in, and then close the door behind them. The Android game plays just like the original and is just a satisfying!

For those who panic when under attack by the cats, and begin flailing in all directions, I have just added a shadow cursor that allows preview of the swipe commanded move to location. Just keep your finger down on the touch screen, while adjusting the desired target location, and then raise the finger to initiate the move.

Here is a You Tube video, in which I demonstrate Rodent's Vengeance for Android:

* Here is what people are saying about Rodent's Vengeance

love the game!

Woooooo yeahh how cool are youu!!i serched loads for this game but all i could find was downloadable oes and i didnt want my comp fillin with junk hahatyty for doingg this website thing hahaha :) x

This is awesome!! Thank you so much for making this!

I love this game played it like 8 years ago was fun =)

i've been looking for a download that actually WORKS for AAAAAAGES and i finally found one that works for pc as well as mac??!?!!?? i love you

* An interesting email suggestion from millertime***@***

I use a g1 android phone, and I'd really like to see this game on the g1. can you go to google projects and create an android app for it? it should be easy for you if you did it in java.
Thanks. Let me know what you decide.


Hmm, interesting idea. If I find enough people interested I will consider porting the game.


* Helpful email from Lauren M.

I want to say thank you to Lauren M. for email that helped me locate and fix a problem with the online Rodent Game applet on the MAC.

Hello, I was just on your site and could not play this game. Is it because I am using a MAC? When I clicked start rodent game, the correct screen popped up but my arrows did not work to move the mouse. What can you recommend doing? -Lauren


Lauren, I have added new key controls for the rodent game (online applet). Try these:

W - Up
A - Left
S - Down
D - Right



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